At Tango, we value the diversity of our employees. We know that different personalities, interests and skills make the company stronger. For customers, that means better ideas, sharper advice, a broader base of knowledge and stronger execution. Get to know our employees. We want to get to know you.

Anna Larsson


Anna plays football and also played in a team that won the St Eric’s Cup in Stockholm. Anna previously served as Director of JLL Capital Markets, where she closed some 40 transactions in Sweden and Norway in the residential and public property segments. Anna has a degree in real estate economics from the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology, a Bachelor’s in Real Estate and Finance, and a Master’s in Real Estate and Construction. Anna also studied at Kasetsart University in Bangkok and L’institute Catholicque in Paris.

Number of gold medals in the St Erik’s Cup: 1

+46 70 467 10 80

Amanda Eriksson


Amanda is a food-loving football fan who hates to lose. Over the past five years, Amanda has closed a host of real estate transactions in all segments. She most recently served as Director of JLL Capital Markets in Stockholm and London. Amanda has a degree in real estate economics from the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology.

Number of trips to FIFA Women's World Cup in France: 4

+46 70 458 42 34

Camilla Lindahl

Graphic Designer

Camilla is a yogini who jumps on to the yoga mat as soon as she gets the chance. Camilla has lived in Dubai for the past three years where she worked as a senior Graphics Designer at JLL Middel East and Africa. The building that has made the biggest impression on Camilla is the Louvre Abu Dhabi, a design masterpiece. Camilla has studied information design at Mälardalen University and web design / graphic design at Mitt Universitetet. Camilla has previously worked at JLL Sweden and before that she was a Graphics Designer at the housing developer Besqab.

Number of marathons: 4

+46 70 666 68 45

Christina Ledenvall

Office manager, partner

Christina has worked with the Stockholm Open and Swedish Open Båstad through main sponsorship. She has 18 years of experience in the real estate industry, most recently as marketing manager at Nordier. Christina has also been employed at Catella and Tenzing and has extensive experience in building up offices and organizing industry events such as Mipim and Almedalen.

Number of impossible missions solved: ∞

+46 73 980 01 28

Edon Zogaj


Edon is an adventures globetrotter with fondness of the waves in California. His latest employment was as Director at Newsec Capital Markets and before that he held several rolls at the listed developer company JM including Transaction Manager for JM’s commercial- and rental housing units. Apart from transaction skills, Edon holds skills within organization structure, business and property management. Edon has an MBA from Lund’s University and University of Queensland.

Number of selfies by the Hollywood sign: 16

+46 73 432 65 76

Joachim Pelles


Joachim likes fishing in rugged conditions. Sea trout in a wintery Stockholm archipelago, Arctic char in Greenland or a close encounter with Nile perch in the Egyptian desert. With nearly 20 years of experience in real estate transactions, Joachim has developed unique expertise in residential, permitted and development properties. Joachim holds a Master of Laws from Stockholm University and has professional experience from Advokatfirman Carler and Catella Corporate Finance. He has also been a partner in the advisory firm Tenzing. His most recent role was Senior Director at JLL Capital Markets.

Number of ping pong turnaments: 51

+46 76 527 15 61

Lina Eklöv


Lina is a former team captain in basketball who has played at a high level and been a basketball coach. Previously, Lina worked as a rental administrator at Lantmännen Fastigheter. Lina graduated in 2020 and holds a Master of Science from Royal Institute of Technology. She has also been an exchange student at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Number of fouls per game: 5

+46 73 696 69 26

Margareta Halvarsson


Margareta is the person behind one of the most legendary cinnamon buns in Stockholm, Maggans bullar, and probably the most widely read cookbook in the real estate sector. Her previous positions include Lounge Manager at JLL and hostess at the advisory firm Tenzing. Margareta is known for delivering the best service in the industry.

Number of cookbooks: 1

+46 70 624 75 30

Pontus Danielsson


Pontus is an avid sportsman in general and a golf enthusiast in particular. Besides his passion for sports, Pontus enjoys visiting friends and family back home in the Åland Islands from where he also originates from. Pontus graduated in 2021 and holds a B.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from the Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki. He has prior work experience from PwC in Finland and Ålandsbanken.

Number of hole-in-ones: 1

+46 70 385 58 00

Rebecka Norberg

Senior Partner

Our senior partner Rebecka has sailed across the Atlantic and wants to exhibit at Liljevalch’s Spring Salon in Stockholm. Rebecka has a civil engineering degree from the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology. She has 15 years of experience in real estate transactions with broad-based expertise in commercial real estate, especially retail, industrial and logistics properties. Rebecka’s most recent position was Head of Capital Markets at Colliers International. Prior to that, she served as Transactions at ICA Fastigheter and Associate Director at CBRE Capital Markets. Rebecka has also worked for CBRE in London, Berlin and Madrid.

Number of sailing trips across the Atlantic: 1

+46 70 851 10 58

Richard Bäckman

Senior Partner

Richard is from Åland in Finland, and used to be an elite athlete. In his 13 years of experience with real estate transactions, Richard has worked in all real estate segments. Most recently as Senior Director at JLL Capital Markets, where he specialized in retail transactions and international investor relations. Prior to that, he was employed at Catella Corporate Finance and was a partner in the advisory firm Tenzing. Richard is a business lawyer from Linköping University with a Master in Law & Economics from universities in Hamburg, Bologna and Madrid.

Number of trips with Viking Line: 1,211

+46 76 527 15 62

Svante Jonsson

Founder, CEO

Svante has completed 15 Vasalopp ski races and rides his motorbike whenever he can, preferably on the Isle of Man. Svante has been involved in real estate transactions in the Nordic market for almost 25 years. He most recently served as Executive Director at JLL Capital Markets. He was one of the founding members of Tenzing and has experience from positions at Catella Corporate Finance, Lundberg & Partners and Lantmäteriet. Svante is a qualified surveyor with a degree in civil engineering from the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology.

Number of Vasalopp ski races: 15

+46 76 527 15 60

Veronica Strömholm


Veronica has represented Sweden in sailing competitions all around the world and her current team has been ranked as the 11th best women's match racing team in the world. Most recently, Veronica worked at Colliers International as an Associate within the Capital Markets team. Veronica graduated with a Master of Science from Royal Institute of Technology in 2017. She has also studied at Stockholm University and National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.

Number of sailed World Cups: 3

+46 73 098 00 26